A HOUSE ON THE WATER. Floating homes.

« Une Maison sur l’Eau » implants floating houses in France, Belgium and … around the globe.

A floating home! Why not ?

During our 20 years of presence and interventions on the French inland waterways, we slowly saw the deteriorating condition of boat housing .

Many owners of these boats have left their assets lose value by lack of time and knowledge. Thus was born the idea of Une Maison sur l'Eau.

What could be more appealing than an alternative lifestyle? Without the constraints,the heavy and a random service that is usually due to the lack of knowledge of a residential barge?What about decennial dry docking, electrolysis problems, engines, insulation and sanitation problems?

To these questions, Une maison sur l'Eau brings a lasting solution, respecting your budget, following a set of rigorous specifications and conscious of our environment challenges.

Une Maison sur l'Eau

Excellence & Experience

Born from a partnership with the Dutch shipyard Spruyt Waterwoningen Nederland BV, a specialist in floating construction, Une Maison sur l'Eau offers floating houses in designs each time renewed and complying with the latest building specifications. Our houses are also built according to your requirements and can meet the latest energy saving innovations.

Your house

This is a unique and personalized project. Our teams, from the first draft to the preliminary design, from the pouring of the concrete hull to the completion we will lead you throughout the building process until the final implementation of your home. The construction will be performed according to the specifics established and the constraints of the site.

Respect the environment

Une Maison sur l'Eau is strongly committed to environmental matters. All our houseboats are equipped with wastewater treatment system and are without noticeable effects on fauna and flora. At your request, you will be offered different options for moving to a completely passive house.

Our Partners

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