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Each one of our project is unique

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Your project has to be taken step by step

1. Feasibility studies

Upon execution of it, we ensure the technical feasibility of the project. The pre-selected emplacement is submitted to the French Waterways Administration (VNF or delegated managers). The isobath surveys are transmitted to us, the flows are studied and, the transport and implementation configurations are brought to your attention. A complete report is sent to you at the end of this study.

2. The preliminary study

In order to define your project and to guide you, we outline several proposals according to the elements that you have transmitted to us: The constraints resulting from the feasibility study, your lifestyle, your tastes, the composition of your family and your budget.

3. We assist you in assembling your administrative records.

It is important to know the regulations, the procedures, the rapport with the interlocutors, the expertise, the safety committees, the approvals, and the insurance. To help you effectively, we share our skills with our partners.

4. The Detailed Project

Now that the choice is made in outline, it remains to establish its overall cost, develop the plans for the description, define the mode(s) of transport and assembly and the docking mode.

5. Mission order

The final plans and elevations are developed according to your requirements and specifications established. The realization of the main hull is implemented and our teams are busy preparing the modules necessary for final assembly. In most cases, the concrete hull will be transported by water and the house built on site after the "striking" of dolphins or setting up of mooring poles.The interior design and the finishes will then be made on site.
Each stage of the project will be subjected to a notice of acceptance of the work in progress.

At all times during the construction of your project, you are welcome in our factory and we highly recommend you to come and visit us.

Knowledge and compliance with regulations, procedures, relations with the interlocutors, expertise, safety, approvals, insurance, municipalities, VNF ... We assist you in assembling your administrative records.

After sales service

All equipments of our houseboats are manufactured and labeled in the EC and benefit from the customer service of the manufacturers.

Your guarantees

Our homes are covered by the ten-year guarantee and our hulls are guaranteed 20 years. All our houses meet all course standards and approvals.

Materials and equipment

All the materials and equipment's used for the construction of our houseboats are selected for their technological, structural and environmental qualities.

Environmental Responsibility

By living on water you choose to live closer to nature.

"Une Maison sur l'Eau" is involved in a comprehensive approach to sustainable development.

For example, all our houses are transported by inland waterways as close as possible to their final settlement and the construction in our factory does not require daily roundtrip of trucks to supply our factory. No house can be sold without its own water retreatment system.

Our concrete hulls

Our hulls are made in a very specific concrete way according to a system developed by Spruyt Waterwoningen that avoid any water outlet.

Unlike steel floats, they have the advantage of not suffering the attacks of saline or brackish water nor those of " the electrolyses " of the sand pits.

Moreover, they are guaranteed 20 years.

Mooring systems of our houses

The implantation of dolphins is to drive piles (wood, steel) in the bottom of the river/lake on which the home will be moored and allowing them to install a gateway to access banks.

Their dimensions and heights are calculated based on the highest known flood on the sector. "Laying"mooring poles is to keep the house away from the shore by wooden or steel parts.

This system is simple and aesthetic. It is to focus on rivers with heavy traffic. In both cases, the floating house can go up or down depending on water levels.

According to the mooring place, the site, the water levels, the banks, we will advise you the most adequate solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us

We are at your disposal for any request for information or just tell us about your project.