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A river, a water body are a treasure for your community.


It is often realize a childhood dream, then it must be a success.



A river, a lake or a dock are a treasure for your community.

Your commune is crossed by a stream or has on its territory a body of water, a sand pit... Enhance the constructing floating houses individual or collective housing of quality, aesthetic and environmentally friendly.

The construction of floating homes allows re - energize banks sometimes left abandoned and prevent wild bulky filing in another, or even secure and develop areas of activities or homes in your community.

You are planning the construction of a marina in your territory or want to rethink the existing captaincy. In the heart of port life, place of meeting and Exchange privileged of your community, it allows the implementation of concessions for the service of your constituents and to attract the number of boaters.

Investors / promoters

A House on the water is the single European manufacturer offering the complete construction in its plant and routing on site but also, the ' modules' realization of our houseboats and their final Assembly on site (insufficient air draughts by waterways, limitation of the heights of passage through exceptional convoys).

Each new location married waterways managers development policy. Our knowledge of the river environment and its interlocutors will facilitate the mounting of your administrative records: rules, procedures, relations with the parties concerned, expertise, security, amenities, insurance commissions, application of the principle of the 50%...


You want to live closer to the water? A project of purchasing a houseboat dwelling has already crossed you his mind but by fear of a too heavy maintenance you preferred to give up.

You want to benefit from nor floating quality, made to measure and according to your wishes. You have a body of water you want to develop? Want implement you on the fluvial area? Your budget is sufficient? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Water-related tourist activities.

You suggest water-related tourist activities, your region is famous for the beauty of its bodies of water. Floating houses or cottages comfortable and habitable throughout the year allowing your visitors to extend their stay at home.

A cultural venue, a club house, restaurant, lodgings... Will be an added attraction for your territory, the promise of new economic resources and the ability to create sustainable local jobs to ensure the management and maintenance.

Nautical leisure activities

You propose water-related leisure activities: sailing, canoeing and kayaking, boat rental, water skiing... Floating accommodations will put your clients closer to their passion and will give them the opportunity to extend their stay at home.

Tourist stays closer to the water.

You have a body of water and would like to offer original stays closer to nature? Imagine floating houses or the floating cottages specifically designed, comfortable and habitable throughout the year.

Floating villages

You want to develop tourism on your territory. Your reception structures are insufficient and you do not want your budget to be too impacted. Our locations can be scalable and to adapt to increased demand without affecting the balance of your municipality.

Houseboats are the boats on the river public regulation. On the private domain, it will be also important to seek the opinion and agreement of the Town Hall.

Your guarantees

Our homes are covered by the ten-year warranty and our floats are guaranteed for 20 years. All our houses of course meet all standards and certifications in force.

Environmental liability

Living on the water, is choosing to live closer to nature and this commits us. "A House on the water" is involved in a comprehensive process of sustainable development.

Do not hesitate to contact us

We are at your disposal for any request for information or just tell us about your project.